Human-centered transformation for Smarter Cities & Sustainable Future
So, digital transformation?
Yes, but human-centered transformation!
Alexander Pichugin

Clients from 12 countries in the portfolio, big-scale projects, multidisciplinary competencies.

Over 15 years of interdisciplinary experiences with enterprise and governmental-level NDA projects.

Working with CX/UX since 2008 and with Smart City projects since 2013.
Smart & Sustainable Cities | Citizen & Customer Experience | Behavioural Design & Insights

Constant improvement and networking
is a sign of true professional
Talks & Speeches
"Behavioural Economics at Smart Cities"
IoT&AI WorldSummit, Kazan, Russia, 2019

"Creating great (admin) interfaces with Wordpress"
WordCamp Lisbon, Portugal, 2019

Series of webinars on Neuromarketing
InnMind Community, Switzerland, 2017

Series of Neuromarketing and UX Interviews
TetraSales YouTube Channel, 2015

"How to acquire right clients using neuromarketing"
Workshop at NERA, Algarve, Portugal, 2014

"New world working opportunities"
Lecture at ESLA, Algarve, Portugal, 2013

"Technological view on perfection"
Russian Internet Forum, Moscow, Russia, 2011
Visiting & Learning
Science and Technology Summit in Portugal 2019
Landing Festival 2019, Lisbon
Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2019, Lisbon
Cities and Logistics 2019, Lisbon
Smart Cities Tour 2019, Lisbon
WebSummit 2018, Lisbon
Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2018, Lisbon
Lunch-debate 2017 Turismo de Portugal, Hilton Vilamoura, Portugal
WebSummit 2017, Lisbon
MBLT Mobile Dev Conference 2015, Moscow, Russia
Russian Internet Forum 2011, Moscow, Russia
Citizen Customer Experience
Knowing how to deliver the right experiences to your customers or citizens could be a game-changing unfair advantage and to properly deliver the great experience it's invaluable to understand human cognition.
Behavioural Design Insights
Neuromarketing and behavioural economics researches reveal underlying processes of human decision-making scenarios and allow to get unprecedented insights about product and service design improvements.
Product Service Hacking
How to increase client engagement, retention, return, enjoyment and advocacy rates? Hacking your approach to client interaction with the understanding of human cognition and decision-making processes!
Smart Sustainable Cities
As the majority of the population already living in a city and urban areas citizens are becoming a client of cities and governmental entities and it inevitably will lead to building great city services with the customer and human-centric approach.
Only question if your city will be among the first ones
In 2015 Barack Obama issued an Executive Order directing all US federal agencies to apply insights from behavioural science to improving programs and to rigorously evaluate the impacts of these insights.
The UK government has had a Behavioural Insights team in place since 2010. The New South Wales government followed suit in 2013. In Australian state Victoria the Behavioural Insights Unit is part of the Department of Premier and Cabinet's Public Sector Innovation Branch.
Behavioral insights
Some insights on people behaviour
and how to use it in Smarter Cities
I now live in Lisbon
and available to work worldwide
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